About Us

We Are Regency Office and Promotional Products!

Mike and Patty Tate founded Regency office and Promotional Products in 1986 selling office supplies and printing in a small store in a high rise office building in Dallas Texas. Their passion for taking care of their customer’s needs resulted in an expanded product line that included sandwiches and snacks, dry cleaning, shoe repair and an assortment of sundry items designed to make the office more efficient.

Today, the team at Regency is still guided by the same passion and commitment to our customers satisfaction Mike and Patty brought to the office every day. Our desire to be a partner in helping companies achieve their goals has fueled our expansion into promotional advertising, full line printing, technology products, facilities and breakroom supplies and much more.

Today, we partner with industry leading companies to provide product and solutions to not only the entire North Texas area but across the Unite States. With a network of warehouses we can deliver product to most locations within 2 days. Our reputation of excellence built on understanding our customer, attention to detail and commitment to our customers goals has allowed us to work with many businesses and organizations over the last 30 plus years. Our client base includes government agencies, educational institutions, medical facilities and business of all types. Our broad based product lines as well as experience and expertise enables us to serve as consultants in helping our customers achieve their goals and operate more efficiently.

Today, much has changed since Mike and Patty opened the doors in 1986. We have moved (several times), into larger offices. We have a warehouse that allows us to purchase wisely and pass the savings on to the customer. we don’t sell sandwiches and we don’t do dry cleaning. One thing has not changed. We still come to work every day with the same passion and commitment to our customers well being as Mike and Patty did in 1986!